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Blanket Binding - 36mm x 4 metres
Stock# 9313792282389
$ 7.4

Bodkins in a 2 pack
PINCH type bodkin for ribbons and THREAD type for elastics.
Stock# 9317385000305
$ 5.2

Collar expanders 3pc includes 11 15 and 19mm
Use these Collar Expanders to enlarge shirts skirts trousers jeans etc a half size larger
Stock# 9317385147703
$ 9.1

Collar Extenders 12mm 3pcs white
Increases collar on half size larger.
Stock# 9317385113869
$ 4.8

Collar stays
12pcs collar stays for stiffening collar points.
Stock# 9317385218069
$ 4.65

Habee Savers Fabric Comb
metal comb
Stock# 9317385135984
$ 5.7

Habee Savers Hemming Web 10 metres
Quickly and easily fuse hems cuffs facings etc with a permanent bond
Stock# 9317385001388
$ 10.5

Helmar PVA Craft and Hobby Glue
250ml or 125ml plastic squeeze bottle
Stock# 747311007112
$ 7.8
Hole Punch
hand held hold punch with 6 hole sizes
Stock# 9317385023328
$ 24.5

Horsehair Braid - 25mm x 3m carded
Stiffens hem edges to make them flare.
Stock# 9317385003641
$ 8.15

Double sided all-purpose tape. Bonds fabrics immediately. 19mm x 4.5metres
Stock# 9317385115979
$ 10.8

Iron on hemming and mending tape 2 metres
Iron on tape in 2 metre pack for easy fixing of hems and for mending.
Stock# 9317385118---
$ 5.9
Iron on menders for light weight fabric
Iron on mender for light weight poly cotton fabric 24cm x 9cm
Stock# 9317385118---
$ 3.9
Iron on patches for decorating and mending 10 by 15 cm 2 pack
Hemline iron on patches for repair of fabrics other than nylon. These are not suitable for Nylon but good for cotton and other types of synthetic medium weight fabric.
Stock# 931738500---
$ 4.9
Iron on patches for Denim 10 by 15 cm 2 pack
Iron on patches for repair of Denim - easy to apply polyester cotton fabric. Instructions are on the back of the package.
Stock# 9317385001319
$ 4.9

Jean Zippers 3 pack
one of each size 10 18 and 20 cm in navy
Stock# 9317385173730
$ 7.8

Loop Turner
Handy tool for turning piping for button loops or shoulder straps etc
Stock# 9317385002224
$ 7.8

Madeira Smocking Gathering Thread
200m spool of 100% polyester heat activated gathering thread.
Stock# 4003760980670
$ 20.5

Name Label Kit
Includes permanent marking pen - iron-on tape - alphabet stencil
Stock# 9317385002293
$ 6.65

Needles - household repair needles 7pk
7 needles inc canvas sailmakers sacking leather carpet matress and lampshade types
Stock# 9317385020938
$ 5.65

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