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inkjet printable fabric

Matilda's own Inkjet Printable Fabric

Matilda's Own Inkjet Printable Fabric allows you to personalize your projects with photos and drawings.

The prints can be used to create a centre piece in a quilt or quilt block.

Try printing a design outline to embroider.

The fabric sheets made of 100% cotton.

They are easy to use and can be sewn in exactly the same way as and cotton fabric.

How To use Inkjet Printable Fabric

  1. Prepare the image to the correct size on your computer.
  2. If fabric has any loose threads tidy the edges with scissors before putting the sheet in the printer.
  3. Set the Print quality to “high” as this setting will transfer more ink to the fabric than lower settings will.
  4. Select a setting for thicker than normal paper.
  5. Check that the paper size setting on the printer is the same size as the piece of printable fabric you are using  
  6. Place one sheet of printable fabric in the printer and commence printing.
  7. Do not touch the printed surface until it has dried. This will take about 20 minutes.
  8. When the ink is totally dry peel off the backing.
  9. For better colour fastness immerse the printed fabric in a 35oC water bath for 10 minutes. This removes surplus ink. Lay flat to dry.

Matilda's own Inkjet Printable Fabric is available in A6 or A4 sew-in fabric, or in A4 iron-on fabric. Order yours now!

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