Craft Guilds

Name Phone Suburb State Country
Canberra Lacemakers Association Inc Weston Creek ACT
Australian Lace Guild NSW 9144 4059 Guildford NSW
Australian Lace Guild QLD (07) 3870 2051 Queensland
Australian Lace Guild SA Torrensville South Australia
Australian Lace Guild VIC (03) 9429 4324 Trentham Victoria
Australian Lace Guild TAS Tasmania
Australian Lace Guild WA Western Australia
Basket Makers of Victoria Burwood Victoria
Bead Society of Victoria Pinewood Victoria Australia
Cake Decorating Society VIC Victoria Australia
Cake Decorators Association of ACT
Cake Decorators Guild NSW New South Wales Australia
Cake Decorators Assoc NT
Cake Decorators Assoc SA South Australia Australia
Cake Decorators Assoc WA Western Australia Australia
Cake Decorators Association of NSW New South Wales Australia
Cake Decorators, Australian National Assoc Inc Australia
Calligraphers Society of Australia Willoughby New South Wales Australia
Calligraphy Society of Victoria Victoria Australia
The Australian Ceramics Association 1300 720 124 Alexandria New South Wales Australia