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Cross stitch papers, stickers, canvas.

Finest quality perforated papers, soluble stickers and soluble canvas from Mill Hill and DMC for cross stitch projects.


DMC Water Soluble Canvas, 14 Count

14ct 8in x 8.5in (20cm x 22cm)

5.5pts per cm 20 x 22cm

1 sheet

For Embroidery or Cross Stitch 

$14.96 Ex Tax: $13.60

Mill Hill painted perforated paper, midnight black

midnight black

2 pack 14ct

9" x 12" sheets

Col# 844

$18.59 Ex Tax: $16.90

Mill Hill Jim Shore perforated paper, flourish spruce

flourish spruce

2 pack 14ct

9" x 12" sheets

Col# 244

$18.59 Ex Tax: $16.90

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