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Our range of beautiful linens, aida, and lugana are premium quality from Zweigart, ideal for embroidery, and are made in Germany. 

Available by the metre or precut in a great range of colours. 

Our embroidery books cover techniques from machine embroidery to goldwork and silk ribbon embroidery.

Looking for a new technique to try? Check out our Sashiko fabrics, templates and threads.

Don't miss our beautiful traced linen embroidery kits for table runners and table toppers as well as Helene Wild's lovely Australian florals.

We have the finest silk, wool and cotton embroidery threads from DMC in France and Madeira in Germany.

You will find hand and machine needles including crewels, tapestry, sharp, embroidery, more.

Our embroidery supplies include many useful tools for all types of needlework projects and include machine embroidery scissors, fine point embroidery scissors, and squissors embroidery snips both straight and curved blade..

 We are located in Sydney, Australia. We ship worldwide.

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Flat rate postage. 

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10% discount for registered customers.