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cross stitch chart downloads

Cross stitch charts you can download and print.

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Australian Magpie cross stitch chart

Downloadable Chart

Canvas sizes: (canvas includes the design and space around it)

14ct 27.03 x 19.05cm

16ct 23.65 x 16.66cm

18ct 21.03 x 14.81cm

Design sizes:

14ct 27.03 x 15.6cm

16ct 23.65 x 16.66cm

18ct 21.03 x 14.81

$14.85 Ex Tax: $13.50

King Parrot cross stitch chart by Maureen Maguire

Design Sizes:

14ct 21.77 x 31.93cm

16ct 19.05 x 27.94cm

18ct 16.93 x 24.84cm

Canvas sizes:

14ct 21.77 x 35.38cm

16ct 19.05 x 30.96cm

18ct 16.94 x 27.54cm

Downloadable Chart

$14.85 Ex Tax: $13.50

Eastern Spinebill cross stitch chart

Downloadable Chart

Design sizes:

14ct 10.89 x 14.33 cm

16ct 9.53 x 12.54 cm

18ct 8.47 x 11.15 cm

Canvas sizes:

14ct 12.17 x 16.51cm

16ct 10.64 x 14.45cm

18ct 9.45 x 12.85cm

$14.85 Ex Tax: $13.50

Wicked Halloween cross stitch chart pack.

3 chart pack 

A Connor & Lachie Design

Downloadable Chart

$14.85 Ex Tax: $13.50

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